Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Farm's Cast of Characters

The farm family

Farmer John and I are teachers by day and farm with any other free time we get. Coco is our Chocolate Lab. She loves to play ball, swim in the creek and help around the farm. Badger is our Husky. Mostly he likes to sleep, drink water, and sleep some more. He also loves to eat chickens, so Badger stays inside.

Here are some of the cows. They are Scottish Highlands which we raise for beef. They are shaggy. They have horns. And are ridiculously cute when they are born. So, we don't raise them for veal.

This is Beast. He's one part of the Beastie Boys duo. His brother is Beast Light - who is too mysterious to pose for photos. Beast loves to be held and purrs if you just look at him. Beast Light likes to run away. They both love to kill rodents and leave us many dismembered mice/voles/moles on the porch.

We also have chickens, which are currently our only profitable livestock. More on them later.

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