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That, or we just think they are a good representation of our farm.


  1. Mollie,
    It is truly a real treat to vicariously enjoy your experiences and the animals on your farm. I so admire your authentic pioneer spirit depicted in every pic! I am so happy your mother shared this site/blog with both my husband Aaron and I. I am anxious to spend some time with your Mom and Dad here in Rockford, our new home! You are an inspiration to me! My email address is: farmsrbest@aol.com (not that I expect any communication, I just wanted to let you know that I do think you may have life figured out...farms are the best way to wake up each day! I cannot believe that no one had that email address before I got it!) Keep living the life. It is hard work but the best kind of work. That dinner table looked pretty inviting!

    Take care. Love, Susan (your Dad's cousin!)

  2. Lorraine in WisconsinMay 16, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    I was touched by the pumpkin picture for Grandpa Toppe. I know he would be so proud of what you and John are doing on the farm and also with your teaching. And I am too!


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