Monday, April 4, 2011

New life

I’ll admit it, I’m not hopelessly in love with Spring. I tend to be more interested in the changing of each season. However, there is something pretty fun about this Spring season we’re entering – babies! (And no, I don’t mean that kind.)

At the sheep farm just down the road from us there are lots of black lambs frolicking in the field. Last month our first calf was born. He’s healthy and growing by the day.

Adorable! Have I mentioned how we couldn’t possibly raise this breed for veal?!

On Saturday another calf was born! We’re really excited about this because last year we didn’t have any calves. Our newest addition seems to be doing well.

She looked good on Saturday when we went to feed the cows. I was able to get pretty close to her while her Mom was off eating hay. Then Mom noticed what I was up to, and came charging over and told me to knock it off.

On Sunday, Farmer John took hay up to the pasture to feed everyone. He noticed that the newest calf wasn’t nursing. Mom seemed to kick and back away whenever the calf came up close to her. He came back to the house, did some research on the subject, and had a cup of tea. (Farmer John is a little under the weather.)

Then we hiked up the hill together to check on the calf. At first all the cows were in a group around the hay. But, when we got closer Mom and the calf walked away from the group. We just kept an eye on them for a while and the calf started to nurse. We’ll keep checking in on the calf, but maybe they just wanted some privacy.

Hanging out with the cows last night reminded me why I love our farm. The weather was just perfect – cool, no wind, clear sky. The sun was setting over the hill, and the cows were munching away on their hay. It is a truly peaceful feeling to be surrounded by the herd as they eat, and seem content to have their farmers nearby.

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