Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break - farm style

Some people spend their Spring Breaks lounging on beaches. But, why do that when we could get so much work done on the farm?

The following also appears on a yellow legal pad on the kitchen table - the difference is the items are crossed off!

-weed raspberries
-trim brush around rhododendron
-pick up all the cat "gifts"
-clean screen doors
-trim suckers from Sweet Gum tree by cabin
-weed rhubarb patch
-trim bushes around house
-clean floors in house
-wipe down walls and cabinets (after a long winter of heating with wood)
-power-wash porches
-clean porch furniture and set it up
-mulch around house
-mend cattle fences
-paint cattle gate on lane
-call company for beef labels
-clear brush around cattle fence
-cut and split fenceposts (72!)
-clear brush from hayfield
-burn brush

We had help with a lot of this from both our families. One thing is for sure, Farmer John and I couldn't run this place all by ourselves.

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