Thursday, June 2, 2011


I was going to write a coherent post today, but then the 7th graders ended up camping out in my room all day. I just can't think straight with the chaos of middle schoolers swirling around. (Farmer John is going to be their teacher next year, good luck Farmer John!)

So, here are a few random shots from my camera:

Last weekend I planted some containers to spruce up the front porch. They're growing and filling out quite nicely.

Except that someone likes to keep her tennis ball in the planters!

Made this for dinner the other night. Puff pastry, brushed with olive oil, shredded Parmesan and swiss, topped with fresh asparagus from the garden. Yummy! (The official recipe called for fancy cheese that I can't get at our local store, but I think it turned out just fine anyway.)

Hard-boiled double yolk egg. Nice work chickens!


  1. Mmm! Can you make that asparagus puff pastry when we're at the farm? It looks delicious!

  2. I'll try, the asparagus is almost done though. We'll pick the last few spears and make it work!


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