Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home again, home again

We're back at the farm after over a week of vacation. We got to enjoy the Wisconsin Northwoods, see Mollie's family, catch up with friends and spend a day poking around Ashland. Coco spent most of her vacation doing this:

The farm didn't look any worse than when we left it. The gardens did quite well in our absence. This is mostly because Farmer John worked very hard right before we left to get them in shape. Also, we are using straw mulch for the first time. It's workng like a charm and keeping the weeds at bay.

The lettuces are done, and need to be pulled. The broccoli looks good, as do all the MANY heads of cabbage. The tomatoes are in desperate need of being staked. (Not anymore! Farmer John got that done this afternoon.) Our newest patch of potatoes are up, and the pumpkin patch just needs another layer of mulch. Good food is on the way! We picked, and sold, lots of raspberries before we left. Farmer John's Mom was also able to get enough for a batch of jam. But the berries keep coming, and more were ready when we got home.

And, this little one isn't so little anymore. She got taller while we were away, and is very energetic.

It was fun to be away for a while, but it's nice to be home.


  1. Happy to read that The Farm is thriving and did just fine while you enjoyed a Wisconsin vacation. The garden is gorgeous! Great photos today on this site. Thanks for the update.


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