Friday, July 8, 2011

What we're eating

We're in the midst of berry season on the farm. The raspberries are almost done, although we'll get some more in the fall, and the blackberries are just getting started.
We are lucky to be able to sell some of the berries to our friends and co-workers. (Thank you!!) The rest of the berries stay with us. Some just get eaten plain. The rest go into tasty treats.

Here's what I made for breakfast yesterday:
In sticking with our Scottish theme around the farm I made raspberry scones. Not very pretty to look at, but they were pretty tasty. Here's the recipe if you have some berries you want to use for breakfast. Technically the directions called for blueberries and a lemon glaze - I used the berries we had and skipped the glaze.

I also made this cobbler for dessert early in the week. I used Pioneer Woman's Rhubarb Cobbler recipe. Normally I prefer crisps to cobblers, but this one was yummy. We had a little bit of rhubarb the first time I made it, so I mixed that with berries. This last time it was just raspberries.

It's been satisfying to eat all the good food we're getting from the garden. Every meal is rewarding when we know the work that went into growing that food. The hard work is starting to pay off.


  1. I'm so jealous of your berry bounty. I love blackberry cobbler but they're so expensive here, it's like $10 to buy enough berries to make one. Stupid Ann Arbor.


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