Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the pasture

Here's Ewok.

I know I have said we don't name the cows. However, he was the first calf born at the farm and I started calling him Ewok and it just stuck. He is the most curious and most ornery of the herd, which is why he came trotting over to me in the pasture. He was ready for his close-up.


  1. And as I recall, Ewok leads the escape team!
    I remember the little guy without horns. Have those slowed his escapes?

  2. The more I've come to learn about Scottish Highland cattle, Ewok may be a perfect name. Wikipedia describes the Ewok tribal members this way: "They have flat faces, are completely covered in fur, and have large jewel-like eyes. Both their fur and their eyes come in a variety of earth-tones, primarily brown, white, grey, gold, and black. Despite their small size, Ewoks are strong; in the climactic battle scene of Return of the Jedi, they are shown physically overpowering and once even throwing Imperial Stormtroopers." No wonder the bull was too powerful to get into the trailer! May "The Force" be with you next time you are going to try and send any cattle to market!

  3. My theory is that Ewok has developed his unique personality because he does have a name! What a fab photo.


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