Friday, October 21, 2011

Farm Fall Scenes

Fall has arrived in our area. However, it feels like it might be leaving quickly also. As I type this I'm sitting next to our wood stove and the second fire of the season.

Here are some shots from the last few weeks around the farm.
The garden is almost done for the year. These are the last eggplants I could harvest. We cooked a big feast with them last Friday. The menu included samosas, naan and eggplant dip. Yum!

Isn't that new cattle chute pretty in the sunshine? So much better than the weather in which it was built.
Finally, although this weed is growing in a raspberry patch I still like it when it's in bloom. I've never looked this weed up, so I don't know what it is. Any ideas?

Hope you have a fun weekend with lots of time to play outside. We're going to try and check some more farm jobs off the list.


  1. Goldenrod, we think? (Although we haven't busted out the ID book on this one. It is in the cold rest of our house and we are in the kitchen; fall seems to be passing quickly for us as well) Fun fact: when bees make honey out of goldenrod, it makes their hives smell not so nice. I've heard it described as sweaty gym socks. Lots of beekeepers just let the bees have that honey all to themselves.

  2. In the Sierra we call this a wildflower...goldenrod. It blooms in late summer. I love the color.

    The new chute is wonderful.

  3. I agree, definitely a goldenrod. There are so many different species. So for now, Solidago sp. Blooms with the asters in the fall.


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