Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For Becky

Just because Becky loves Beast, and Beast loves Becky.
(Becky, I think he really misses you because he's taken to running into the house at any opportunity!)


  1. I need some Badger in my life...bring him to Charleston!

  2. The Writer's Almanac had this poem which seems quite appropriate to Beast:
    A Cat's Life
    by David R. Slavitt

    Her repertoire is limited but fulfilling,
    with two preoccupations, or three, perhaps,
    if you include the taking of many naps:
    otherwise she is snuggling or killing.

    "A Cat's Life" by David R. Slavitt, from William Henry Harrison and Other Poems. © Louisiana State University Press, 2006.

  3. How I do miss Beast....


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