Friday, November 18, 2011

Bridge Day! - Update

We did not get our bridge today.
It was expected around 10am, and by 11am we'd gotten a call via our excavator operators that it was not coming. There was a delay in loading the railcar onto the truck (in Florida) and so that set the whole project back.
The bridge crew arrived shortly after we'd heard this news. The "crew" is Grant and Dylan - and this is Dylan's second week on the job. They are brothers who grew up farming in eastern Colorado. So we've enjoyed talking with them about farming, oil and gas drilling and bridges. Grant seems to be very knowledgeable about setting our bridge, although he was not too happy with the site and size of excavators. However, he seems to be confident that it will get set tomorrow.
The bridge was in Parkersburg as of 6:00 tonight. The driver and Grant were trying to figure out a place for the truck to park for the night. There isn't enough room for the truck to park near the farm since it would be hanging out into the highway. We left Grant to figure out the truck issues and told him we'd be ready in the morning.
The plan for Saturday is to start work around 7am. They hope to be unloading the railcar from the truck around 7:30, then working on setting it on the blocks around noon. Nothing has gone very smoothly up to this point, so we aren't expecting this plan to actually work. We are hoping the bridge is in place by the end of the day tomorrow.
Wish us all luck, I'm sure we're going to need it.


  1. Sending "loads" of luck. Tomorrow is another day. I'll be checking. Snowing like crazy in the mountains. Nice to sit by a warm fire. Thinking of you both.

  2. Sounds like the making of a good story... We'll be thinking of you tomorrow (and keeping our fingers crossed)

  3. Chuck and Lorraine in WINovember 18, 2011 at 11:50 PM

    Just checked the blog--so wishing things go well on Saturday. Keep your confidence up. Your plans are good, you have made all the right contacts, now it's up to everybody else to do their part. And they will. Can't wait to see the pictures. Wish we were there to help celebrate. We'll just open our own bottle of champagne (=beer) when we know everything is in place.

  4. It'll happen. Maybe the old bridge is sending "don't kill me vibes." lol ... You are making history and that means trial and errors. A few years down the road and you'll be saying, "Did we have trouble? I don't remember." The beauty of ageing I suppose. It may be a little short, but there plenty of wood around to build whatever you need. Besides, the fun you are taking to school is amazing. The kids are probably thinking all about bridges now. Important stuff!

  5. Thanks for keeping us posted on the story of The Bridge. It will happen and then be enjoyed by all. We'll have you in our thoughts.


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