Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goodbye Old Bridge

John and I have been walking across this bridge together for 5+ years. In that time, we've made some memories and need to say goodbye.

We've walked across the bridge on beautiful spring days. We've also walked across the bridge in pouring, pounding, torrential rain. We've walked across the bridge when the air was crisp in the fall. We've also walked across the bridge on frigid days in the sleet and snow.

We've re-decked the bridge. We've painted the bridge. We've shoveled the bridge. We've hung electric wire from one end to the other. We've done major construction to make sure the bridge didn't fall down. We’ve decorated the bridge at Christmas.
We’ve carried our lives across the bridge. This includes: all of Mollie’s possessions after college, all of Farmer John’s possessions after college, all of Migrant Farm-Hand Becky’s possessions, the majority of all the food we’ve eaten in 5+ years, the majority of all the beer we’ve consumed in 5+ years, all our luggage and Christmas presents for trips to Illinois, our kitchen table and Mollie’s wedding dress.

We’ve also carried animals across the bridge. This includes: Coco after two different ACL surgeries, several kittens, a flock of ducklings, 7 Australorp chickens in a dog cage and 1 blind calf.

We weren’t the only ones walking across the bridge. Our families and friends have crossed the bridge. Our neighbors have crossed the bridge. The FedEx and UPS delivery folks have crossed the bridge. Utility workers, loggers and gasline right-of-way agents have crossed the bridge. In all that time, one person fell through, one person fell off and one person had a panic attack. Everyone survived with just a couple scratches.

Perhaps most importantly, Farmer John’s family walked across that bridge. Nanny and Pap carried more than us. They saw harsher weather than us. They probably even had some funnier stories to tell than us. It’s because of them that we are on the farm today. And it’s because of them and their family that we will say goodbye to the walking bridge and welcome the driving bridge. I hope that they’d be just as excited as we are.


  1. Beautiful, heartfelt "bridge love"! Your tribute to more than a structure brought tears.
    Good bye dear bridge. Thank you for your care of generations on "the farm".

  2. Mollie and today's posting. That bridge is full of memories...treasure them forever.

  3. That bridge was the foal point of going to the farm. If we didn't have to walk over it, Dad would drive -- SPLASH -- through the creek and we'd hope to jump out and play in the creek. Nanny and I were coming home from town and there were HUGE fish below the bridge. They must have been really large because she asked me to ask Pap what kind they were. Turns out they were carp, but we hung over the edge and watched before making the trip up the hill. That bridge was the bottom of the sled riding adventrues from the top of the pines ... and you sure didn't want to miss the bridge because it was all water after that. The only one I know that went through a board was Brittany. She still remembers it. There were times though when parents held our hands very tightly when going over and it was always a thrill to show our friends how we weren't afraid of it. I've waited on love - Pete Lawyer - to arrive on that bridge, and Aunt Susie had some sort of terror when, getting a kiss, she fell through the side and broke a colar bone ... or so the story goes ... who can say with her, Dad and Uncle Bunk all in the mix. Once, I tried on Teresa's brand new show and promptly toss it from my foot into the creek from the middle of that bridge, on addident of course, but still, Shari put on the fins and looked for the shoe for a long time. We used the ice skates, probably still in the shop, to skate under that bridge and it was a marking point for heading toward Big Rock and staying near the bridge area. It will be sad to see it go, but it will be with a breath of fresh air that another, more modern method, will soon arrive so you and Farmer John can drive all those things across. But the one thing that bridge has done for everone associated with the farm is to bring smiles to us all. Have to after walking over it for all those years! Happy new bridge day Farmer John and Farmess Mollie!

  4. Glad you will be able to think back fondly upon the old walking bridge. The Farm won't be quite the same without it!

  5. As exciting as it is that you will be adding a huge new addition to the farm---a vehicle bridge across the creek--I will be sad to see the footbridge go. Other than seeing Mollie, John, and the dogs, walking over the footbridge was my favorite part of our visits to the farm. From the bridge, I enjoyed the view of the buildings, forests, valley, and the flowing water. On clear water days, watching the fish and crayfish was a treat. The sway of the bridge added a special "thrill" to crossing thirty feet above the water! I was also proud of the work all of us had done during one of our first visits as we helped rebuild the bridge deck. It was one of the first times I worked alongside John. During that weekend I was so impressed with how he made a plan, took charge, operated the power tools, and did the HEAVY lifting! I took particular pride in the little wedge ramp I constructed to match up two levels on the south side. Unfortunately, I stood in a patch of poison ivy that day as I worked under the bridge and the rash lasted for a week! But that adds to the great sensory memories of the "Old Bridge." I will miss it, but look forward to the new and exciting installation of the vehicle bridge. Life keeps moving and changing!


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