Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday's List

1) This is what I saw out the kitchen window this morning. It makes all the events from the weekend a bit better.
2) I spent some time on the phone with our project manager, so did Farmer John. Sounds like they have a plan. It involves re-positioning the abutments. Probably won't happen until next week due to the holiday (a.k.a. hunting season).

3) We have one less deer on the farm, thanks to Michael. The guys are out hunting right now. Perhaps we'll have even less deer around by the time they're done.

4) The bridge still looks like this:

5) I'm spending my Monday away from school re-reading a favorite book. Badger's been keeping me company.

6) Thank you for the supportive blog comments, Facebook messages and e-mails. They help us remember that it will get better and at least we don't have an "excavator in the bay".

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  1. Lorraine in WisconsinNovember 21, 2011 at 9:20 PM

    Good for you to use your time at home to read "Coop". I love this book too, and you probably have figured out the author is local to the Eau Claire area. He is a good writer and performer and I hope you are getting some good laughs. Good news about how the bridge might work out.


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