Monday, January 9, 2012

Well pump

This is where I found myself on Sunday morning. It's the crawl space under the kitchen and bathroom. 

I've been under here before when the pipes froze. Going under the house ranks in the Top 5 Worst Farm Jobs. It is Farmer John's absolute least favorite farm job. That's why I do it. 

The crawl space is very tight. I have to do an army crawl in order to get back under the bathroom. It's also damp, dirty and stinky. Notice the insulation hanging down around the pipes. That's from where some critters have been ripping it all apart.. Fortunately, I did not run into any of these critters on my most recent trip under the house. Also, look at that photo and consider how much I must love Farmer John that I volunteer for the job. 

Why was I under the house on Sunday morning? Because we don't have water at the farm right now. The well pump isn't working. We don't really know why. I went under the house to check that none of the pipes were leaking. They weren't. The pump could be dying. The well could be done. We might just need a new fuse relay. 

Farmer John is working on getting someone from the pump repair place to come take a look. Hopefully we will know more in the next couple days. Farmer John and I can make due without water for a little while. We'll go to town to do laundry, take showers and cook meals. But, not having water for the livestock is just not an option. 


  1. Your photo looks like some sort of exotic cave exploration trip! Just try to think of it as "Adventure Home Repair!" This is where your Outward Bound experience comes in handy. You've learned how to make sacrifices, cope with drudgery, and face your fears. Oh, wait! That's just being Norwegian! Good luck with your water situation. That's a tough one. We love you!

  2. Oh, Mollie. That sucks! Fingers crossed that it's only a minor problem and it gets fixed soon. xoxo

  3. Well the old well still works and bucket after bucket of that water could be drawn up - old world style. And then, there's the creek! Jim was under that house, just like you and says, "GO MOLLIE"


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