Thursday, February 23, 2012

An experiment in turbidity

We've been doing our own turbidity study recently. Turbidity is the measure of sediment in water. Water with a lot of sediment is very turbid. Water that we'd consider drinking has very low turbidity. (Oh, I hope our favorite geology professor is reading this!)

So, as you can see our water is becoming less turbid. As of Monday it was looking down-right drinkable. We're not quite there yet though, as it's still cloudy compared to what most of us are used to coming out of the faucet.

Right now the water situation is close to normal at the farm. We use this water for laundry, showers, dishes, and livestock. But, we just fill up some jugs for drinking water when we're in town. If and when the water sediment settles out, we'll run some bleach through the pipes, have it tested, and start drinking water to our hearts' content.


  1. Lorraine in WisconsinFebruary 23, 2012 at 9:00 AM

    Hey Culligan Man!

  2. There's always filters! GO GREEN! Who's to say that a little turbidity in your life isn't awe inspiring? Question - did John use this as a Science lesson in his classes? lol

  3. Aren't those type of jars used for moonshine in West V A?


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