Friday, February 3, 2012

Under the weather

Sorry for the long delay between posts,  been battling a virus all week. While I've been in bed most of the week, that doesn't mean the farm's been sleeping too. Just to keep all of you regular readers satiated  here is a quick rundown of the happenings here on Jennings Brae Bank Farm (Some pictures and detailed posts to follow.)

  • We picked up our first beef from the processor. Farmer John and I have had a filet and think it's delicious, we hope all our customers do too.
  • K and A, long-time friends and fellow bloggers came for a visit. We hung out by the woodstove, drank tea, ate good food and talked about these strange lives we lead.
  • We have a water well drilling rig set up just outside the back door next to the chicken yard. The rig was only able to drill a few feet before breaking us further evidence that the farm has been cursed this winter.
  • The pipeliners have started work in our hayfield. This marks the first time a tractor-trailer has been parked in that field.  
  • Noah and Grant - the bridge crew from Colorado arrived today. They also have a very large excavator, so we're hoping to see the bridge in place by the end of the weekend.


  1. Gracious, has it been a busy week for you guys! Hope you're feeling better - being sick on top of everything else is just cruel of Mother Nature.

  2. Lorraine in WisconsinFebruary 3, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    May your "curses" become "blessings" as you all recover from flu, well-digging bugs, and other pests. We still have champagne/beer set up for the bridge, just let us know when it is in place, so we can toast you all long-distance.

  3. BIG equipment for BIG projects. Ok - when you were first in John's life and we knew you would be the Queen B of the Brae Bank, we were given strict orders to NOT talk about hauntings. But, after all this talk of curses ... how about a nod to the upstairs ghost for me? lol

    I'm sending seeds to Dad for you to try. He now has some heirloom Black Krim tom's thus far and I'm still looking.

    Your virus doesn't stand a chance too long with a strong farm lady like you Mollie! Not even one. After all this, perhaps it's just your body's way of saying, "Hey lady - slow down a little and enjoy your bed!"

    Hugs and well wishes (pun intended) to you. The bridge, without the g is bride and that is what John is trying to get the ability to take over the creek in his car! You deserve it. Perhaps you will have the chance to hang out on your new bridge and watch the fish below as we did for years with the walking bridge, this Spring. I know it'll go right this time because by now, it's a "Man Pride" thing and those boys from Col. are surely not going to leave "unbridged!"

    Mollie, your blogs are the best and most welcome thing I ever read on this contraption. I eagerly look everyday to peer into your new farm life. Jim and I sit and read them together and giggle, cry and send prayers and well wishes. You are living the dream and those of us that read alongside your flowing words are being allowed into one piece of heaven - or at least, Almost Heaven ...

    Can't wait to see the pics.

    Oh - and the old hay truck ... to us as kids, it WAS a Semi in size. Have you had a chance to see pics of it once it was restored by Joe Leasure? I hope so. It sat for years about where the cabin is and each year, it'd load up with all of us, water and away we went into the hay fields. And guess what? Our parents were so thoughtful of our digestive systems ... not only was it well water, it was full of fiber - hay chaff! lol

    Much love and sincerely hope you feel better.

    Susi and Jim

  4. ok... so i have an idea you perhaps have overlooked.

    get a REALLY big excavator. let's say... a 90ft excavator. drive it straight over the cliff, perfectly wedged and angled into the river bed on its flat side (let's imagine there is one).

    then you can just drive straight over the 'excavator-bridge'


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