Friday, March 16, 2012

Gas Pipeline Work Space - part 2

The work space is still in use for the gas pipeline. When we negotiated the contract we set the base-price for   initial use of the space, plus two weeks of work. The land-man we were dealing with said they only needed this space for "a couple weeks" and that it would be a "very short process". That is why we said they could use the space for two weeks. 

We weren't as concerned with what they would be doing as how long we'd have to look at it. As I've mentioned, we are enjoying sunsets on the back porch now that the weather is warmer. Looking at the sunset also involves looking at the heavy equipment in the hayfield. Not the bucolic view I'm used to. 

So,  now we're going on week 7 of work in the hayfield. This is annoying, except that we're still getting paid. Farmer John wisely added a stipulation to the contract. For every week past two weeks they are in the work space, we get another check. 

Those checks are making the heavy equipment a lot easier to look at! 

And those checks are turning into our "Farmer's Vacation" fund. So, I sit on the back porch and dream about where we should go. 



Do you have any suggestions? We want to go on a good vacation, or two, or three...! It will just depend how long those pipeliners camp out in the hayfield. We're just really hoping they're gone by the time we have to cut the hay!


  1. You guys have been so smart about dealing with the pipeline company. I'm sure lots of others in your situation would not have thought so far ahead, and end up with only minimal compensation. Instead, you have really achieved a great balance between the short term inconveniences, hassles, and environmental stress and your long term vision for the farm and your lives. It's admirable :)

  2. I think your vacation should be the farms of Scandinavia or Ireland. Why not now before the funds become college funds for a wee bairn? What a mess, but in a way, it's also memories!

  3. I'm sticking with Scotland!


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