Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring "peepers"

It must be Spring! We brought 30 chicks to the farm on Monday. 

After school on Monday, Farmer John and I made a stop at the feed store to pick up our chicks. (As a side note, the guys were busy installing a new door because the other one had been broken during a robbery over the weekend. It's the third time in a year that our feed store has been robbed. That just makes me mad.)

We put the chicks in the back seat and headed to the farm. 

We picked out 20 Barred Rocks, which lay brown eggs and 10 Araucanas, which are the ones that lay blue eggs. We may try some other breeds later in the year, but will have to start them after this bunch is big enough to be moved to the growing pens.   

We finally are using our brooder - it only took a year! But, it's turning out to be a perfect place for the chicks. They've been hanging out under the heater, then eating lots of chick starter, then sleeping.  

So far everyone is healthy and peeping away, they'll be fun to watch as they grow up this Spring. 


  1. Don't let the rats get them!!

  2. How fun! Brings back mems from my days with Great-Grandma Madsen and her little chicks. She used exactly your method of keeping them warm and fed. Thanks for the chicken updates...and enjoy those wonderful eggs.

  3. When my friend Debbie got chicks, she nearly died when they attacked and ate a baby mouse! She began to feed them, get this, hotdogs! They loved them. She could not believe it. She picked one as a pet and named it Gretel. She even painted it's toenails! Then ol' Gretel started crowing! lol The fun of chickens! I fell in love watching them myself. They are amazing.


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