Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hungry Month

We are in the midst of the time some people call the "Hungry Month". Don't worry, we aren't actually going hungry. However, we don't have a lot of fresh food at the moment. Some of our frozen and stored food is starting to run low, and the garden isn't producing much yet. So the goal for this week was to use what we had on hand, even if it was weird stuff from the back of the cabinet.

Here are the week's menus:

Sunday - Brinner!
Toast - with jam from a wedding from at least 5 years ago.
Eggs - because we have lots of eggs right now!
Hash-browns - with last years potatoes

Burgers - with our beef
Beans and corn - from the back of the cabinet

Pasta with a pack of salmon that's been in the cabinet for quite a while now.
Asparagus - which is the one fresh veggie the garden is giving us.

Fajitas with frozen peppers, onions, and salsa from "Uncle John"

I worked late, and Farmer John attended another Local Foods meeting. So it was pizza from our favorite local pub. 

I really hope the most recent freezes haven't killed off our peas and lettuce, because I'm so hungry for a fresh salad! 


  1. It shows we are sync with the planet when we crave fresh salads in Spring. You can get dandylion greens for it and violets from the upper meadows.

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    1. Will Jennings Brae Bank Farm have t-shirts available? Jeff and I would love to proudly wear those shirts. :) Keep us posted, dear friends. You are an inspiration!

    2. Marit- No t-shirts yet, but maybe someday. We'll keep you and Jeff in mind!


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