Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dinner tonight was a big garden salad and bread. It also came with a beautiful evening full of birds singing, cows grazing and swallows swooping. Spring meals are some of our favorites! 


  1. The words have been written and sang before -

    Almost Heaven - Brae Bank Farming

    Cows a grazin, glad we don't have to drive through the waters!

    Life is old here, old as our trees - but we are younger than these mountains and walking them we're free ...

    Country Roads - Take me home - to the place - the cows belong - Brae Bank Farming, Norwegian Momma - glad to be home - country roads.

    I hear her voice in the morning as she calls me -

    Chickens on the loose and we don't have any water.

    Dark and Dusty, painted on the sky,

    Misty taste of moonshine brings tears to our eyes.

    And so on ... you two can rewrite history of that song.

    What a beautiful dinner.

    1. Susi - you know that is one of my least favorite songs. However, I LOVE your version! Thank you!

  2. Love the peaceful~beautiful table! Thanks for sharing a breath of fresh air, Mollie. Jeff and I really need to visit!

    1. Marit - you know you're welcome anytime!


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