Thursday, May 17, 2012

The farm in bloom

Just about all of my favorite flowers are blooming right now. Some of them are flowers that I've planted this year in containers and around the house. Others have been there since before my time at the farm. 

The mock-orange grows next to the front porch and threatens to take over the side of the house. It smells so fresh and delicious. 


These pansies are on the front steps. They have been adding cheer and color for a month or so now. 

I didn't think the wisteria was going to bloom at all this year. It got caught in one of the hard freezes we had at the end of March or early April. However, it's come back with abandon and is climbing its way all over the back porch. 

Last are my absolute favorites - the irises. They are starting to show up all over the farm. Many of them were planted by someone else. Maybe it was Farmer John's grandma (Nanny)? My goal is to have irises planted all over the place someday!



  1. Earth laughs in flowers. I love this blog from The Farm. It is full of all the old-fashion blooms...the pansies are fab. Thanks, Mollie!

  2. Mollie, two quick comments: 1) we have deep purple irises in our yard. They can be traced to Ruthe's grandma and their family farm near Byron. They don't seem to mind moving and are hardy midwesterners; and 2) I remember going with my Mom to vote in a garage on Gardiner Street when we lived on Highland. It must have been November, maybe 1956, and it was cold. I have often thought about that when voting in nice heated public buildings, like the Med School. How did those ladies to it all day? Bet they were wearing dresses.

  3. I believe that everyone planted flowers there - Nanny loved them and people brought them and she planted them all over. There were some by the cabin too.


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