Friday, September 7, 2012

Tractor Boys

These are our nephews. They came for a visit recently and got a tractor ride. 
You can tell Nathan loves it because he's giving you his "cool" face. 

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  1. They had such fun that day in the creek. I couldn't believe that the hay field almost kicked my butt just walking around it once. Guess I'm old and forgetting that at the same time. It was the most touching thing for me to hear John's voice echo off the shop, the barn and the house as he answered Nate asking about the airplane in the shop. I had to turn and actually look because he sounded exactly like Pap - Homer, his Grandfather! The hairs on my neck stood up and I looked back to make sure it WAS John! lol and not lol ...

    It was also quite fun to get to show Nate where his Mom was blasted from the old Chestnut tree - she hit one of those old old black wires in her mouth while we climbed the trees. It knocked her from the tree and the wind out of her. Scared me to death because I was the tom-boy, not Jen. Those types of things always happened to me, but not her and I really was scared my little sister was hurt. Pap changed the wires after that. The fact you have preserved the little black tails of those very wires on the barn just adds the BEST visual aids when telling the old story to Nate! Can't wait to see what this Autumn brings your happy family! Hope Badger is ok as well. Love to you both - Susi and Jim, living the town-town life in Charleston.


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