Monday, October 22, 2012

A day in the life

We have a friend that is good at reminding me, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed, that Farmer John and I are working four full-time jobs between the two of us. Most of the year it doesn't feel like that, but the past two months have been busy. I kept track of how we spent our day a few weeks ago. 

4:45 – Mollie wakes up (because I haven’t been sleeping)
5:45 – Both of us get up and get ready for work
6:30 - Wake up Badger, who is always sleepy in the morning, take care of dogs
7:00 – Arrive at work
8:00 – Fill student’s brains with all kinds of important stuff that we hope they’ll remember tomorrow
3:15 – Mollie meets to plan after-school tutoring program, Farmer John brings tools to school and works on our car in the parking lot
5:00 – Arrive back at the farm, take care of dogs
5:15 – Get beef order ready
5:30 - Deliver beef and visit with customers in town (Thanks Scott and Linda!)
6:00 – Visitation in Paden City (We’ll miss you and your music Mike)
6:45 – Mollie washes and packs eggs, Farmer John takes care of chickens and cats then starts coals for grill
7:15 – Cook dinner, prep for Farmer’s Market
7:45 – Dinnertime – steak, leftover garden salad, and corn from Scott’s garden
8:10- Clean up, take care of dogs
8:20- Get ready for work tomorrow, collapse on couch
9:05 – Goodnight!

This was an average day for us. We usually have meetings after school, then try to get into town in the evenings for any errands and to go to our gym. Our days are busy, and we wish we had more time to work on the farm. However, everything always seems to get done one way or another. 


  1. I hope the beautiful sunsets help you feel great satisfaction in your life on the farm.

  2. While busy, this schedule will pass into you and John sitting on your farm porch wondering where all the time went! I hope you pass these things along to your students because it's the reality of your world that holds the beauty and the sincere appreciation for a farming life. Keep writing Mollie and Farmer John! We certainly keep reading. Love you both and hugs!

  3. We had some OUTSTANDING grilled hamburgers for dinner tonight, using your ground beef, Scott's homemade whole wheat bread and onions from his garden. EXCELLENT -- can't get that in a restaurant!! Thanks, Farmer John and Mollie!! -- Linda Hill

  4. Thanks Linda! It's so rewarding to hear that people like the beef. And I know anything from Scott's garden must be tasty!


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