Monday, October 15, 2012

By the numbers

1 weekend
2 visiting parents
3 rowdy dogs
1 new chainsaw chain
1 new splitting maul handle
1 broken splitting maul handle
1 new splitting maul
0 hydraulic wood splitters
4 strong backs
4 truck-loads of wood
Half a winter's worth of wood


  1. Awesome. As we get our propane furnaces going for the winter, we're jealous of your wood. We just learned that the stove used for heating and cooking in this kitchen before electricity was put in was run on corn cobs. We may not have many trees out here, but there are lots and lots of corn cobs.

  2. Is that sustainability or what. A renewable resource with added benefits of wood ashes with lots of minerals left to feed the soil.

  3. It's amazing to think of the people who will be cold this winter while you are warmed three times! The pictures are awesome and show that while tired, you are healthy and happily still smiling! Love this Blog!


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