Monday, November 12, 2012

Ready for winter

Yesterday we worked on wood. Farmer John and Uncle John cut up several big logs. 

Two truckloads went to Uncle John's house. He'll split up the large chunks there. Two truckloads were split here and loaded into the woodshed. 

The woodshed is full, the woodstove is clean, the weather is changing. Bring on winter, we're ready!


  1. Grasshopper and antsNovember 13, 2012 at 8:23 AM

    While you smart, hard-working WV ants are readying for whatever is to come, most of us grasshoppers are out fiddling. Will we never learn?

  2. I've not seen the wood shed - was it once the old chicken coop spot? I'm glad you two have opened up that area - I believe Pap 1 was going to do that as well. When we were little and John not yet born, there was an apple tree right above your building in the pics that produced the tiniest but sweet red apples.

    It looks as though you will be "fit for Winter" as they say. What do you do with all the ashes and things? Compost?

    Love your little stove so much we bought a totally cheap and totally fake miniture one to look at. Jim said, "Funny thing is, I keep waiting for that one log to split and shift and it never does! No ashes to clean and when we leave - just unplug." He's getting old! lol Love you both and keep bloggin!


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