Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The weather (and cat names!)

It's been raining here. And it seems like it's been raining for a very long time. I would like this rain to turn to snow, and Farmer John would just like to see the sun again. I realized just how damp everything is when I went to the woodshed a couple days ago. 

There's mold and mushrooms growing all over the wood! I remember last year when it was so damp that we had some funky purple mold on some of the logs. But, I've never seen mushrooms growing like this before! We have our fingers crossed for drier weather soon. 

Also, thanks to everyone for the name ideas. We decided to stick with the beer theme and the "B" theme. The boy (top) is Barley and the girl (bottom) is Belikin. Of course we've already started to use some nicknames - Swarley and Belly. Thanks for all the comments and fun ideas! 


  1. Barley and Belikin??? What the hell kind of names are those!!!
    With my flames up like this, things might dry out soon.

  2. I will post a picture of our newest kitten - Inky - who looks like she came from your new ones! Same spots and colors! Are those mushrooms you can eat? You could start a new business - with your wood - mushrooms for your holiday gravy! LOVE YA TWO!

  3. Agent Robert Lucky, DEADecember 12, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    It has come to our attention that you have started a mushroom crop. Please understand that, while the distilling of alcohol in the hollers of your state might be considered folk craft, the domestic growing and agricultural harvesting of 'shrooms is looked on with suspicion. We suggest that you cease and desist!

  4. Belikin? Hahahahahaha. I like your mushrooms :)


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