Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moving fence

Along with plowing, tilling, and planting the gardens, we also put up a fence around the new gardens. 

In order to put up a new fence, we took down an old fence. The pipeliners put up this temporary fence while they were here last year. 

Part of our gas-pipeline contract stipulated that any fences that were torn down had to be replaced. They erected a temporary fence during construction. The temporary fence remained even after they had replaced the original fence.

Our goal was to remove the barbed wire, and then use those many (free!) T-posts around the garden. We used fence pliers to remove the wire from the fence clips. Then Farmer John used a homemade contraption along with the "handy jack" to pull out the T-posts. 

Next he pounded some of the T-posts in around the new garden. After they were in place we clipped three insulators on each post. 

Finally we strung the wire around the posts, and made a gate so we could get vehicles into the area. This fence is connected to Uncle John's garden and will run off the same charger. Let's hope it keeps out deer, rabbits, and other such varmints. 


  1. How clever and artistic of you to model your farm art after my California art.
    I am honored!


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