Monday, October 28, 2013

Since You've Been Gone

Since you've been gone:

We've cried, we have cried so hard sometimes.
We've laughed, we have laughed so hard sometimes.

We have told so many stories.
We've listened to old stories, and learned new ones.

We've planted a tree for you - it's a Magnolia, and it's next to the cabin.
We've grown big beautiful pumpkins.
We've cut all the wood for the winter.

We've watched the Pirates make it to the playoffs.
We've attended a Steelers and Mountaineers game, but aren't ready to watch your Blue Eagles.

We've shared meals at your kitchen table, and lots of dessert.
We have fully embraced "comfort food".

We've passed red Jettas on the road, but it wasn't you.
We've tried to fix the driveway at the farm, but don't know how.
We've thought about the barn project, but it seems too hard on our own.

Your little boy turned 30.
Your little boy inherited your bid number at Captina Creek.

We've canned tomatoes from the auction.
We've played with Nate and Will and Mikey.
We've gathered as a family and celebrated Brittany and Michael's wedding.
We have thought of you and missed you everyday.

Your John Boy and Mollie Bell


  1. Beautiful photo. Meaningful words. Wonderful people.

  2. Lorraine in WisconsinOctober 28, 2013 at 9:30 AM

    This is a very thoughtful tribute. Thank you for sharing it on your blog.

  3. It's hard every day. Knowing I have the family I do helps. And most of all Michael, Mikey and I love you two!

  4. This is beautiful Mollie and John!

  5. thats really touching mollie and johnnie love you both your friends always john


  6. So beautiful, and I felt every word, and maybe some how he did too. Glad you have each other to hold and that gorgeous farm to comfort you. The old memories will last a lifetime, while you continue to make the new ones like the ones you just shared. Hope things lighten in your spirit as time goes by. Love you both. XO


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