Thursday, December 5, 2013


It sounds like Winter has hit some areas of the country, and it may be headed our way. 

This morning, on our way to school, Farmer John and I listened to reports of very scary wind chills in Montana. It made me think about the farmers, ranchers, and cattle in that area. I hope they all stay safe and have a way to care for their herds. 

I know some farmers in Wisconsin are dealing with all the new snow. Thankfully, they know what they are doing when it comes to that type of weather. Even if they do need to break up ice on their water troughs with a sledgehammer. 

As for our farm, the temperature is supposed to drop. I'm glad we have plenty of wood for the stove. Farmer John keeps a close eye on all the animals over the winter, and although it will be cold, they won't be in danger. I think we will end up with just rain, so Farmer John will keep his fingers crossed that it won't be too much and I'll hope that it turns to snow. 


  1. At least with snow and ice - there's no mud! lol Are you using the barn for a temporary shelter if things get really bad? Love you!

  2. Are you prepared to shovel your new bridge? Did you have that last winter?


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