Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Badger's Excellent Adventure

At Christmastime Badger and Coco traveled with us to Illinois. This was Badger's first big trip off the farm. 
He was not as good as Coco in the car, especially on the way out. He calmed down when he could stick his head out the window into the very cold midwest air. 

It took a few days but eventually Snowy and Badger could be in the same room, settle down, and not bark and snarl at each other. 
Badger liked all the snow and cold temperatures in Illinois, but I think his favorite part was the big bed where he could stretch out and snuggle with Farmer John. 
 This is what the entire trip back to the farm looked like. I don't think they make sunglasses for dogs. 
Finally, we were back to the farm, and he was so tired from his big trip that he slept for about two days straight. Thanks Illinois Farmhands for letting Badger come for a visit!


  1. Notice the calm because the dogs are not looking at each other.
    Neither are they ululating!

  2. FOUND EM! Now - what type? This is awesome! He looks so - well - HUGE! I am thankful that you and John really understand they aren't pets - they are part of the family! WHEW HEW! Now - order some glasses and let's see em!

  3. Exercise! Discipline! Affection! Sun Glasses!

  4. Yay for the Northland College sticker in the back window! Ours has been there for 11 years.


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