Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When you don't have anything nice to say...

We, along with everyone else in the country, are sick of winter. We are sick of all the headaches that come along with winter, but we are sure you have your own headaches, so don't need to hear about ours. 
We have been focused on the farm throughout these cold and snowy weeks. Although, the winter tasks don't lend themselves to photos. Farmer John placed his seed and greenhouse order. I worked on farm expenses and taxes. We painted drywall and shopped for bathroom fixtures. We spent time talking about plans for the spring. 
We also spent a week in California and have spent many evenings at our gym. Although today the farm is buried under snow, the sun is shining. Let's hope the weather breaks soon and we can start working outside once again.


  1. We are all waiting for the Farmer's Market to open........a lot of work for you both, and of great benefit to the rest of us.....

  2. We have been fortunate enough to see and stay on this beautiful farm. The recent snow cover gave us yet another view of the handsome land. We have witnessed the love and care the Jennings Brae Bank Farm continues to receive from its clever, energetic owners. Spring will soon be in the air to launch another growing season. Farm on!


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