Friday, May 20, 2011

After the storm

We had a storm roll through on Wednesday night. It didn't last long, and we went out to check on the cattle afterwards. The steam looked so pretty coming off the hills.

The cows were soaking wet, but they don't seem to mind since they have all that lush grass to munch. (Plus, they're getty used to being wet all the time this Spring)
This is a view of one of the hayfields. If it ever stops raining, we'll have some great hay to cut. The three new calves. They seem to have lots of fun together.
There is an old electric fence in the cow's new pasture. We'll set it up when it's time to plant that garden. In the meantime it makes for great posts to scratch heads on.

Here's Butterscotch. It's not a great idea to name the cows - it's my Mom's fault this one got a name. She started it, and it stuck. She's the oldest gal in the herd, and hopefully having a calf this summer.

The forecast looks good. Hopefully those shaggy coats will dry out this weekend.

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