Monday, May 16, 2011


We love having visitors on the farm. And this weekend two wonderful friends came down from Michigan.

The original plan had been to plant potatoes. Because when I said "we love having visitors on the farm" what I really mean is that we love having "free labor" on the farm. But, as has been the story all Spring, rain prevented any gardening progress.

We did complete one big project on Saturday. The excessive rain has led to some lush grass on some parts of our property. We decided to move the cattle onto a small plot of land that is next to one they'd already grazed. Using fiberglass posts and electric rope we created a temporary pasture full of long green grass. The cows seem to be very happy with this new arrangement. I'll post some pictures of the fence soon.

The pasture project didn't take long with our friends here to give us a hand. During the rest of their visit we cooked, ate and caught up on life. It was wonderful.

Sunday night we made a feast. Here are the appetizers - samosas with tamarind-date chutney.

Duing one of the many conversations on the porch, Becky mentioned the changes that had been made on the farm since her last visit. It felt so good to hear her say those things. And I don't mean it in a "pat on the back" kind of way. Sometimes living here, and trying to run the farm, is so overwhelming that it feels like we're getting nowhere. Projects take longer than planned and there's ALWAYS more to do. Hearing that we'd made progress, from someone with a different prespective was encouraging. Then we too could sit back, take a moment, eat our samosas, and appreciate the work that's been accomplished.


  1. Hear hear! I was mega-impressed with not only the effort and energy, but also the love and joy you guys have put into the farm and all its living creatures (both vegetable and animal). When I was last there over three years ago, the farm seemed like a house you and John lived in. Now it is most certainly a home, and a truly wonderful one at that. And thanks for making me feel right at home too!


  2. Thanks Kate! You are welcome anytime. Thanks for your help and tasty concoctions :)

  3. what are you using for your samosa wrappers? they look amazing!

  4. Puff pastry - so easy, and delicious. There is a pastry recipe that goes with the samosas in Moosewood, but I've never tried it.


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