Saturday, May 7, 2011

Livestock dreams

Two dear friends got married last weekend. The ceremony was beautiful - I cried a little bit. The guest list was perfect - lots of old friends together again. And love was all around.

The wedding was held at Gale Woods Farm. Being the farm geeks that we are, we ran around the property a bit before the party started. (At some point I realized I should have brought my muck boots. ) We checked out their fencing, garden sites and livestock. And then, we found the hogs.
Oh how badly we want hogs! They would make us so happy. They'd root around. They'd entertain us. They'd add a new aroma to our farm. And then they'd be turned into delicious food.
You should hear Farmer John talk about pastured pork. His eyes light up. He's got a whole business plan based on raising hogs and then turning them into brats and other sausages. Thinking about hogs makes him happy.

And thinking about bratwurst makes me happy. Yum!


  1. You look adorable in your pink dress!! The pigs are nice too.

  2. So pigs. This makes us think of Novella Carpenter's stories of raising pigs in the city. Her book is Farm City (which we haven't read), and there is a podcast of her doing a book talk (which we have listened to, and was fun) if you're interested:


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