Tuesday, May 10, 2011


This weekend it was FINALLY dry enough to plow! Farmer John and his dad worked on plowing and tilling the gardens all around the farm. The picture is the garden closest to the house. They also plowed two patches near the creek, a patch that our friend John uses, and three smaller patches on the other side of cow lane. This is the latest we've ever planted a garden. And I've been a little on edge - 'cause I really want fresh lettuce! Last night we were able to start planting. Phew.

Here's what went in the ground:

- 1 long raised bed with 2 types of lettuce, 1 lettuce mix, spinach mix, and onions
- 1 row of sugar snap peas
- 5 hills of cucumbers
- 25 broccoli plants
- 45 cabbage plants

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  1. Yay for planting! Your gardens sure have grown over the years!
    K was really nervous about how many cabbages we're planting (probably about 14 total) because of the time we visited and you had soo many you were sick of them. Are you selling lots at the market these days?
    And we are crazy behind on planting still, because of an unusually wet spring. We feel better to hear on the radio that the farmers around here are late, too.


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