Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guest starring...

We've really enjoyed having Mollie's family here for the past few days. They've helped us cross LOTS of tasks off our summer list. Here are some scenes from their visit.

Here's Sam - our IT guy and Cheif Chicken Herder. Sam stayed with us during their trip and is happy to report that he didn't have any supernatural experiences upstairs. (Some people claim the upstairs of the farmhouse is haunted...Sam doesn't buy it.)

Farmhand Mom fed the calf during their trip. She also helped with lots of other odd jobs around the farmhouse.

Farmer John is on the ladder, and "Uncle" John is holding the ladder. He keeps a garden here and helps us with lots of odds and ends - sometimes we just couldn't run this place without him. He also makes lots of tasty jams, jellies, breads, dips, cookies and juice.

Farmhand Dad helped with all kinds of projects while he was here. But, this is my favorite picture. He's in the chicken coop removing some of the nesting boxes. This was taken on his first Monday of retirement!

It takes a lot of time and a lot of hands to keep the farm running. Thanks to all our guest stars for their hard work!


  1. Retire to a Chicken Coop??!! Go Bro. Not many have that option and it seems to suit you. Same with others...Mary...etc. I am delighted you can have fun with Mollie and Farmer J. Thanks, too, for sharing the fun.

  2. Great blog and great visit! Thank you Mollie and Farmer John for"easing" the newly retired member of the family into this next phase of life!

  3. Congrats on your retirement "Farmhand Dad"!

    Mollie, why don't you have a nifty title to add to your name?

  4. K - if you can come up with one...

  5. Farmwife Mollie just doesn't quite have the right spark... I'll work on it.


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