Friday, July 15, 2011

The first big harvest

This is what Farmer John brought in from the garden this morning:

Food preservation season has begun. It's time to start preparing our meals for the winter.

I'll cut the broccoli into stir-fry sized pieces then blanch and freeze it. Some of zucchini will be cut and frozen for stir-fries also. But, most of it will be shredded to use for all kinds of other good food.

Time to tie on the chicken apron, crank up the kitchen stereo and get choppin'. What's your favorite music to listen to while shredding pounds of zucchini...or cooking?


  1. mmmmm
    any way to send zucchini to Rockford?
    want my recipes from my new, techno recipe collection?

  2. Now what exactly is a "Chicken Apron?" Sounds for music, that is not my strength...ususlly I ask Mollie what is current. Enjoy that beautiful garden...better than any Farmer's Market...walk out the door and pick your own. For my "last meal" I would always ask for broccoli with lots of oil and garlic.

  3. K thinks something boppy. She just got the Black Kids album, so probably that, or Matt & Kim, or the like. A says LCD Soundsystem. A always says LCD Soundsystem.

  4. K- I love Matt & Kim! I always put it on my mixes for Mollie.
    Mol- I'll make you a new mix when we come to WV next week!

  5. Sam - I'll take one of your mixes any day! Aunt Louise, you really should be asking Sam what is current. Lately I've been listening to KFOG and KEXP via a radio app on the ipad.


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