Monday, July 11, 2011

SH*T Happens

If there's anything we've learned in the five years of living here it's this: Expect the unexpected.

Cows get out of the barn as we're leaving for Christmas dinner, crows eat the corn, a day starts with three flat tires, the power goes out on a beautiful day, and the list could go on. Jon Katz named his farm "Bedlam". Some days I think, "Yup, sounds about right."

So tonight I was expecting to take a long shower, relax on the couch and write about Day #3 of hay. But then the chicken coop blew over. A storm rolled through this afternoon and flipped the coop onto it's roof and onto two fences. That was unexpected.

It took two chains, the "come-along", the four-wheeler and both of us, but we got the coop right side up. And at one point in the rainy, muddy process I thought "Wow, I'm thankful we both have health insurance."

Tomorrow repairs will need to be done to both the coop and the fences. For tonight we're both exhausted from the day.

I hope the next post will be about hay, but I won't count on it.


  1. Not such good news from the farm today. Hope your chickens are OK. Looks like Farmer John is keeping his cool and setting about to get the repairs done. Keep calm and carry on.

  2. Did all the chickens get out?

  3. No one "flew the coop"...the coop flew! How do you explain those "oooooo" sounds to your students, Farmer Girl!
    At least the hay and the ball game turned out the way Farmer John hoped.

  4. Sam- Yes the chickens got out, but that really was the least of our problems. "Super Chicken" was hurt in the storm, we put her up in the old coop to try and recover. But, she didn't make it. Poor gal.

  5. So sorry about Super Chicken. She was my favorite. :(

  6. just noticed the "header" photo is of haying Who's waving from the tractor?
    more hot weather coming. More hay?

  7. It's Farmer John's dad on the tractor. His Mom is next to the tractor. The weather forecast doesn't look good for hay - hot, but with chances for storms.

  8. "No one "flew the coop"...the coop flew!" I love it!


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