Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hay Day #2

Today was the second of three days of putting in hay. The goal for today was to let the hay dry.

If the hay is damp then it will rot while it sits in the barn throughout the winter. In some barns the heat from the decomposing wet hay will start a fire. Farmer John says we don't need to worry about that in our barn though. We have good airflow - due to big open doors and some holes.

So what's a farmer to do while the hay dries?

Go to a baseball game!

It was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh - perfect for enjoying the view from the cheap seats and cheering on our favorite teams. I root for the Cubs...
...and Farmer John is loyal to the Pirates. It's a house divided.

Final score: Pirates 9 Cubs 1. Oh Cubbies...

We'll get back to the farm work tomorrow. It's going to be uncomfortably hot - perfect for haymaking.

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  1. What fun! Enjoy a ball game while the hay is drying. Glad the Cubs won. Now I await the next stage of haying.


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