Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eat your vegetables

I'm embarrased to say this, but I didn't always like green beans. In fact I remember an incident where a friend's dad forced me to eat them. It was with some spite that I choked those beans down.

I don't know what I was thinking! Green beans fresh from the garden are delicious! I eat them sauted, steamed or grilled, sometimes I'll even munch on some raw ones while in the garden.
This year we only put in a row and a half of beans. The ones that survived being eaten by rabbits did very well. We've had several meals based around the tasty beans.

And if Farmer John goes hunting this winter, we may have some meals based around those rabbits!


  1. I remember you did not like green beans! I never made you eat them. Meal time should be fun, as it always is around the Jennings Brae Bank Farm kitchen table.
    Another beautiful blog with a photo of a beautiful girl!

  2. Green beans...!!!! Our little Maxine's favorite food (after corn). When Maxine visits Berk she always gets fresh cooked beans. Now I can tell her she is just like Mollie. Love this blog. Big Hugs. AL

  3. I was the same. For years and years, in that very kitchen, I refused to eat any veggie other than mashed potatoes! Now, times have changed me. Love your blog.


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