Friday, September 9, 2011

Our week in food

Have I mentioned that we started back to school recently? I think we're still in shock about this. Therefore the focus on the farm and blog hasn't been as strong recently. But, I promise we'll get in the swing of it soon, and I'll stop complaining about having to leave the farm everyday.

The best parts of our days this week have been dinner. It's tomato season, and all our meals have been based around them. Here's the breakdown:

Monday - Labor Day, so I had some time to cook. I made an eggplant lasagna with the intention of having leftovers for lunch for the week. Well, it was AWFUL! We could barely choke down two pieces and the rest went to the chickens. (This meal was another argument for getting hogs. Hogs would appreciate that nasty eggplant lasagna a whole lot more than the chickens did.)

Tuesday - Penne with vodka sauce. We used the one jar of tomatoes that didn't seal when we were canning. Also threw in a handful of fresh basil. Tasty!

Wednesday- Pizza with fresh tomatoes, peppers, roasted eggplant and basil. I could eat homemade pizza everyday. Farmer John needs some variety. But, he gobbles it up when it's topped with some garden veggies.

Thursday - Fried Green Tomatoes with okra and a garden salad. We just finished eating. It was a delicious meal and I'm stuffed!

I'm headed out to Illinois for the next several days. Farmer John is going to take care of everything around here. He'll be on his own for meals. So, I'm guessing there will be more tomatoes and some meat consumed while I'm away.


  1. How is it that school starting and going to Illinois for the next several days coincides?

    Even after eating tomatoes everyday for 1.5 meals for the last month or so ourselves, your run down still sounds wonderful. (Even the eggplant lasagna, until you told us it was awful.)

  2. I love the title! "Our Week in Food"
    If the Illinois IT guy ever came for a week on the farm, the week would have A LOT OF FOOD in it!
    Love this dieay of your life.


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