Monday, August 15, 2011

A few new photos

For those of us that need a little cheer today, here are some recent photos from the farm. I took them yesterday.

The blind calf has been hanging out in our yard and munching on grass. In this photo she was just resting and chewing her cud.
These are ripe and tasty.

This is the calf that was born in March. The picture doesn't show just how silky and shiny her hair is right now.

The dahlia on the front porch finally bloomed.

And the rest of the porch flowers are looking lush.


  1. the life on the Jennings Brae Bank Farm always brings us cheer. A truly needed dose today.
    All, even a blind calf, are healthy and vigorous. A beautiful, healthy home we are so glad you have!

  2. and the butterscotch calf is beautiful...she doesn't know she's blind. She knows she is out on the lovely grass in the warm sun. Not everyone is so lucky.

  3. Is the calf tied up or free-ranging?

  4. Susan and Jim, Missing Migrant WorkersAugust 16, 2011 at 4:26 AM

    Your photos take the memories of being a child and looking through the grass to new heights! I love them. Is this calf used to your voice now? And is CoCo a friend of it since it hangs out in the yard now? Way to go with the organic fertilizer!

  5. The calf is just free ranging in the yard, and yes she does follow voices. She hasn't run off yet...probably because she's blind.


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