Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tomato Season

Step #1 : Harvest
Step #2 : Set on the back porch table to ripen.

Step #3 : Slice and devour.


  1. I remember following Dad through the tom's and the smell of the leaves was so strong! Are you going to make salsa? If so, have Mom tell you the story of when her neighbor, Debbie Healy, made Salsa! Whew Hew!

  2. Home grown tomatoes! Woo Hoo! It's makes me wish we could walk out and pick some from our back yard.

  3. Yes, but then what about the other 50 still sitting on the porch after you've had tomatoes for breakfast lunch snack and dinner? And the 50 that get ripe after those?

  4. K and A - the canning extravaganza starts tomorrow evening. Too bad school started today, otherwise we'd have lots more time to deal with them! We were lucky to have a bit of time earlier in August to make all our pasta/pizza sauce for the year, so at least that's covered.

  5. What gorgeous tomatoes! What is the purpose of picking tomatoes before they are fully ripe? Enjoy your bounty.


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