Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Is Love

Migrant Farm-Hand Becky took off on a new adventure today. She's been a huge help around the farm for the past few weeks. We are all really going to miss her.

At our house we follow the philosophy that "Food Is Love." Last night I was pretty sad that she was leaving, so I went to the garden and gathered up some love.

I feel better knowing that she'll have some of the farm with her. Good luck Becky - you're going to do great! (But come back and join us in the back yard whenever you want.)


  1. Lovely wishes from one good friend to another. You will miss each other, but think of the great place to visit!
    We wish Becky the very best, too!

  2. Bye Becky. What an array of vegetables you helped create. Hope the next stop in your life will be wonderful. For sure, today's photo is fab.

    To Mollie: Yes, Food is Love. Then I must add ...Hunger makes the Best Cook.

    Over the weekend a neighbor gave me a gift of homegrown tomatoes. What a delicious treat! Tom and I made toast... added a bit of mayo...and then slices of tasty tomatoes. A perfect dinner.


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