Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Friday!

We went back to our real jobs this week. Farmer John and I are so glad it's Friday! We're looking forward to a weekend full of canning tomatoes, visiting with friends and just hanging out with all the animals.

Including this crazy cat:


  1. I know your first week back to school was a challenge with the sad community experience. Your school is lucky to have you two to help the many grieving children. Great photo of the cat! Enjoy your weekend and can some extra tomatoes for gifts!

  2. We just finished canning our tomatoes. We made some canned salsa with ours, too. Enjoy the last few days of summer :)

  3. Happy Back-to-School to Farmer John and Mollie!

  4. There have always been mason jars on that porch, in those places! I'm glad you are back in school and teaching the kids the things you both know. Hope to see beautiful leaves changing this fall in your posts and did you plant pumpkins?


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