Monday, October 10, 2011

Cattle Chute project Day #1

Farmhand Dad generously donated several days to the farm last week. We were able to begin a much-needed project. We did not have a way to move cattle into a trailer or area where we could work on them. And so began the cattle chute project.

Follow along for the next few days to see how the project turned out.

The above photo was from the very first hour of the project. They had to measure and then hand-dig holes for posts. Next they set the posts in Quickcrete. The whole process was made a bit slower because it was raining and everything was muddy.

I was able to find a dry area to rig up the radio so we could listen to the WVU game. (WVU 55 - Norfolk State 12)

Here they are measuring for the next post. They are measuring from the fenceline to the middle of the lane. I'm standing along the fenceline to take the picture. At the narrowest the posts were about 30 inches from the fenceline - just wide enough for a cow.

The posts in the middle of the lane are the ones that were set by the end of Saturday. The cows will walk down the hill on the left of the posts to get to the barn. When we want to work with them, or load them on a trailer, they will be funneled up the right side of the posts.

At some point during the day on Saturday the guys showed up with the lumber we'd ordered. Farmer John and Farmhand Dad spent some time helping them unload 800 board feet of rough-sawed oak 2x6s.

Check back tomorrow to see how they used it.


  1. I especially love the multi-use woodpile...heats your home and heats your Mountaineer spirit!
    This is some project. Looking forward to more about the other steps.

  2. Mom - I should have mentioned that this was the first day we had a fire. That woodpile helped us warm up after we'd been outside all day. It also helped dry out all our very wet clothes!


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