Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cattle Chute project Day #2

Sunday began with some schoolwork and coffee. Then we got started - again, in the rain.

Since the next holes for posts had to be dug in the yard, it wasn't quite as muddy and the tractor with post-hole digger could be used.

Farmhand Dad got the job of pushing against the post-hole digger so it would stay plumb.

Four holes were dug in about 10 minutes. Way faster than the previous day!

Next came attaching the boards to the posts. They measured the length needed to span two posts, then cut and attached them with lag bolts. Farmhand Dad and I would hold the bottom board in place while Farmer John attached it. Then they set the next board on 6 inch spacers before attaching it to the posts. This continued until there were four boards between the posts.

This is a view looking up the hill. It's the direction the cows will walk to go into the head-gate and trailer.

We finished the day by getting all the boards up on the posts that ran down the middle of the lane. The chute is very sturdy. The posts are set in concrete and the sides of the chute are oak boards - the bull is NOT getting through!

This was also the only day that the cows came down the hill to investigate what we were up to. Farmhand Dad is standing next to the last post Ewok will go past on his way to the trailer. Maybe the cows knew what we were doing? They haven't been around since.


  1. Maybe they've seen it all before? In a past cow life? lol

  2. iris - You might be on to something. The cows seem to know things that we certainly didn't teach them.


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