Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cattle Chute Project Finale!

Drum roll please...

The headgate! This is how the cows will experience the headgate. The two doors swing open, then we'll close the doors to catch the cows. It will hold them in place so that we can do any vet-work that needs to happen. Of course, with our cows we may have to help their heads get through the gate - pesky horns may get in the way!

Here's the final product. Headgate on the left, loading chute on the right. What is a little tricky to see is that there is a bend in the loading chute. The idea being that the cows won't see the trailer until the last moment in the chute. Farmer John used several of Temple Grandin's suggestions when designing the chute/gate system. That bend in the chute is one of them.

Here they are!

Thanks Farmer John for designing the chutes, organizing the lumber and for all your hard work.

Mostly, thank you Farmhand Dad! Thank you for driving out here and working hard in the cold, mud, and rain. Thank you for supporting this project in many ways - it wouldn't have happened without you!


  1. Congratulations! It looks impressive.

  2. It looks great. I imagine it'd make your work a lot easier.

  3. What a project, Mollie and John. It has been fun to see the progress day-by-day. I am still not quite sure just how this chute will be used...that is the next story, I am sure. Noted you took the advice of Temple Grandin. I read everything she writes and know her thinking has made care of large animals much more humane.

  4. Your Farmhand looks right at home in the cattle lot, as well he should after all the years of feeding those herefords in Rockford. If you ever have issues with dry lot bloat, the cow kind not the post county fair fried food extravaganza kind, he is an expert and immune to the fumes.

    It looks great. You and FJ sure have a lot of energy. And I really like the photo of the potatoes.


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