Thursday, October 13, 2011


In honor of today being Friday here's a weird farm photo for you:

Do you know who this skull belonged to? Farmer John and Migrant Farmhand Becky had to get the field guides out when they found it.

We are excited to have some more guests/willing workers at the farm this weekend. They are coming all the way from Wisconsin! It will be time to make some wood.


  1. Yes, a weird photo. My guess is coyote or another dog-like creature who met its doom on the JBB Farm. Farmhand Dad told me its actual size and I see the big canine teeth!

  2. At first I I am voting for a wolf. Is there a prize for the right answer? Hugs to all...have fun with C and L.

  3. I just had a run-in with a live one of these last night. Mine only played as dead as yours... (full disclosure: we used our field guide, if that makes it cheating)

    Also, Kate wants to know if that's Pennsylvania Smart-Weed blooming next to it?

    We love ID challenges, turns out! What kind of nerds does that make us?

  4. That is equal parts creepy and awesome!


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