Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hope you're having a fun and spooky Halloween!

We did all our celebrating over the weekend. Friday was the dress-up day at school. I went with three other teachers as the four seasons. By four seasons I mean Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, not the backup singers for Frankie Valli. Farmer John and some other middle school teachers went as zombies. He also spent the day blowing up pumpkins in science class. As you can imagine the kids love that experiment!

Saturday we attended a costume party. I didn't get a photo with both of us, but Farmer John's costume was the same as mine. Can you figure it out?

Tonight, we won't have any trick-or-treaters. I think it may have something to do with this...

That, and we don't really have any neighbors.

What are your Halloween plans?


  1. Mollie is obviously Fergie, so John must be

  2. What a great post today. We had fun figuring out your creativity. Halloween is a fave day for the Burns Family. This year we taught our grandchildren how to make a scarecrow and they loved it. The little guy is scaring neighbors on the Streets of San Francisco. Next year I hope to see a scarecrow in the fields of JBBF... a perfect location.

  3. Too bad the trick-or-treaters won't be crossing the bridge. It would be a really scary event-even without decorations. This, we hope, will be the last year to take advantage of it because-only a little more than 2 weeks until New Bridge Day!

  4. Uncle Tom you are right on! And yes, fingers-crossed, this will be the last Halloween of having to cross the bridge. Stay tuned.

  5. Wow! Tom knew Mollie was "obviously Fergie." And then John "must be" Who knew Mollie's uncle was such a music scene hipster!

  6. Nanny used to say that was one way to save money! I think that at times, over the years, that a few kids came around, over that bridge and had some treats ... I know we did. I love the uniqueness of your costumes Mollie. I remember when you and Farmer John were Peas and Carrots. As we grew up, we rarely had store-bought costumes. Instead, we were creative. Jenny was the best at taking even a scarf and turning it into a costume. And then we did experiment with John - he was just so cute - that little Johnald Doofy Dunkin Kerplunkin Chunkin Little Bud. Did he ever tell you that was his first and probably longest nickname?

  7. Oh I get it now! Black eye'd peas! Too cute.


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